Best Wedding Ring and Sets for Under $500

Unique, beautiful, and affordable diamond wedding ring and sets for less than $500 (you’ll be amazed).

(Because True Love is Priceless)

The Scenario: Newly Graduated Become Newly Engaged

Hi, I’m Ryan, and my college sweetheart Chelsea and I graduated this year, and, I think I’m ready to ask her if she would like to get married—to me. Actually, I think I already know the answer… she’s been dropping hints about princess cut center stones and rose gold settings recently… ?

I’d love to surprise her—get down on one knee and pop the question with my tiny jewel box offering, extended in classic Hollywood fashion—but Chelsea’s got a unique personal style that defies definition. I’d be bummed if she wasn’t thrilled with her engagement ring, and, I know, she’d want to have some input in the decision, since she’d be the one wearing it.

So, I started looking for the best wedding rings under $500, with no idea what to expect—and when the right time might be to “go shopping.”

The Problem: Newly Graduated, e.g. Not a Lot of Money

Aside from her quirky personal style, kind heart, and big beautiful brain, Chelsea is also sensible—all good qualities in a life partner (my dad says I “know how to pick ‘em”). She knows I/we are in no position to shell out three months’ worth of salary to buy her the ring of her wildest dreams. Just yet.

But, given the price of everything these days, I was worried that there might not be any unique and beautiful engagement rings with a price tag I could manage—at least in the short term until my best gal and I get our professional engines humming.

This elegant rose gold and diamond wedding ring and band set costs less than $500 at

Did I mention we’re recent college graduates? ?  My student loan debt (cough) is motivating me to find a suitably well-paying job, and soon, so we can go get our American dream on. Until then, I have to budget my budget’s budget. We can upgrade to a bigger “sparkler” down the road, but for now, we just want to start our future together (read: hitched) in humble (read: broke recent college grad) fashion.

What I needed was a place that made it easy to find the perfect cut diamond engagement ring—at an affordable price point under 500 dollars.

The Solution: Choice, Convenience, and Cost-Conscious

Milo, one of my college friends (who’s also taking a walk down the aisle this year) suggested we check out a website called Milo told me it was where he and his fiance, Veronika, found their really cool matching wedding ring sets (for under $500). What a great tip!

We pulled up the app on his phone and went to the private CoCart labeled, “Best Wedding Rings Under $500.” (Great minds think alike). Did I mention, that he’s a recent grad, too? ? .

Milo showed me their “CoOwned” CoCart—a centralized place where he and Veronika, and several other close friends and family—could help them search and shop for their wedding rings. These folks had permission to add their own products, but you can also just ask for opinions on your own selections, and keep the products to your own liking.

Next, Milo made us his “CoStars” so we could see the contents of his cart—or add our own when he sent us both an invite to his CoCart. Once I had the app set up on my phone, I accepted his invitation and could immediately see all the incredible wedding engagement rings he and Veronika had found.

I’m kind of astonished at the sheer variety of rings out there—and from reputable jewelers. What else could I find CoCarting? I decided to make a private cart and stock it with $5000 wedding bands—so I can surprise my darling, someday soon, with that Hollywood-style Happily Ever After.

Until then, get me to the church on time.

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