Affordable Beautiful Engagement Rings

How much should you spend on engagement rings?

Are the old engagement ring rules scaring you?

Do you fear you will never be able to afford a nice ring for your true love? (The one you want to spend the rest of your life with?)

If you’re wondering if you should spend three months’ salary on an engagement ring, like all of the fancy ads say, the answer is no.

True love shouldn’t put you into debt.

The old adage of spending two to three months of your hard-earned salary before you can propose is old news.

According to a study done by the Knot in 2021:

  • $6,000 was the national average price spent on a ring
  • One-third of all respondents paid between $1,000 to $4,000
  • And…8% of ring shoppers spent less than $1,000.

Engagement Ring Price Ranges

What the results from the study shared above prove is that there is no set price range for engagement rings and that the old rules are no longer in play.

It also proves that we were right. Getting engaged shouldn’t break the bank or put you into debt, as that’s no way to start your new life together.

With that in mind, we put together a beautiful selection of affordable engagement rings in all price ranges.

(Note: not every girl wants her engagement ring to be a diamond!)

Engagement Ring Trends 2023

One of the things we discovered when talking to newly engaged couples was that they definitely had an interest in stones other than diamonds.

Moreover, they all agreed that careful consideration was made to be sure the ring would fit their personalities and have meaning behind them.

Moonstone Engagement Ring Meaning

One ring people love right now is a Moonstone Engagement Ring, so we’re starting with that.

Not only are Moonstone rings beautiful, but they come in many colors and have meaning behind them.

Moonstone engagement rings were popular in the 1960s and are seeing a solid comeback with today’s engaged couples.

Moonstone silver rings are popular with women seeking healing practices. But, for couples preparing for marriage, they are also considered a symbol of eternal love and dedication.

Other Popular Engagement Rings

We’re also seeing a lot of interest in Moldavite engagement rings, Zultanite rings, and various colored gemstone rings.

  • Moldavite is a stone that ranges from light to deep green and sometimes even in a light brown hue. This
    beautiful stone symbolizes harmony in love and marriage.
  • Zultanite gemstones appear in different colors under different lights and symbolize beauty, rarity,
    exclusivity, and rebirth ~ what a perfect stone to propose with.
  • Various colored engagement rings are becoming quite the rage, as they can truly show a person’s unique
    personality. That’s where the Zircon gemstones come in. (Not to be confused with Cubic Zirconias). These
    beautiful natural stones come in various colors, sure to please even the pickiest of recipients.

Valentine’s Day Wedding Proposal

When the website Chillisauce, an event planning website, polled 10,000 people, “Christmas time” came up as the
most popular season to get engaged; however, Valentine’s Day was the biggest single DAY to get engaged!

That’s right, not only is it considered the most romantic day, but it is the single most popular day to get
engaged. In fact, in the Chillisauce poll, 36% of those polled got engaged on that day!

What does that mean to you? If you’re ready to get married, now’s the time to shop for the perfect engagement
ring, and we’re here to help!

When is the best time to shop for engagement rings?

The time is now, and is the place!

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When to buy a promise ring.

If you’re not quite ready to get engaged but want to give a gift as a token of your commitment and future
together, we recommend a promise ring.

We have an excellent selection of promise rings on, and know you will find something unique for the person you wish to give it to.

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Need Advice from Others?

If you’re new to CoCarting, you will love this!

CoCarting is all about creating “carts” with items you’re considering buying so that you can SHARE your carts and get input from others!

So if you need help deciding which ring to choose, select a few favorites (or several) and create a private or
public CoCart. You can then invite others to take a look and give you feedback. (Always helpful).

You can also find ring sizers on our site if you need to be discreet about getting your future fiancé or fiancées ring size. (Yes, we have engagement and promise rings for men too!)

Best wishes!