Get Fit Your Way: Home or Gym?

In recent years fitness workouts have significantly shifted from typical gym workouts to home based workouts. Online workouts and the convenience of working out at home makes people question on having a gym memberships. In this blog we are going to find out what fitness environment will be best for you and give you the best results!


  1. Budget Friendly: The cost of gym membership goes up almost every single year. With having your own home gym you are investing in your well being as long as having a one time investment purchase.  
  2. Privacy: Walking into the gym with crowds and people can be out of your comfort zone. Including home workouts in your daily routine will limit the worry about being judged or feeling self-conscious. 
  3. No Travel: Say bye to the struggle of getting up and out the door in enough time to make it to the gym and come back home and get ready for work etc.. Having home workouts saves you time and reduces barriers you have to exercise. 
  4. Convenience: Exercising wherever and whenever you want on your time! Gym memberships come with a time that they are open which sometimes doesn’t work for others. 


  1. Limited Equipment: Unless you can invest to build yourself a home gym you will be limited to the amount of equipment you have to use. Gyms include equipment like free weights, weight machines and cardio machines which allows you to exercise a variety of muscle groups. 
  2. Motivation: Ugh! Motivation! It’s hard to get motivated when you aren’t in a gym environment. Distractions such as watching tv or household chores can get the best of you when trying to workout at home. 
  3. Accountability: Without the presence of professional trainers or other people working out around you it can be hard to hold yourself accountable for working out. If no one is holding you accountable to work out it can be easy to skip home workouts. 
a little progress each day adds up to big results


    1. Equipment: Gyms offer a variety of equipment to you with a membership to help you reach your goals. Not only do gyms offer you equipment, you might offer you saunas and more!
    2. Social Interaction and Motivation: The energy of others working out motivates you to do the same. Working out in a gym environment pushes you harder to see the results you want. You may also see others do exercises you want to try!
    3. Professional Advice: Most gyms have professional trainers that are there to help you and reach your goals. If you are a beginner it might be best to get guidance from a professional to prevent injuries. 


  1. Cost: Gym membership can be experienced, it all depends what the gym has to offer and how premium the equipment is.
  2. Time Efficient: Gym requires time for travel there and back and often isn’t open 24/7 therefore it may not work for your schedule. Finding a gym that is close to home and works with your schedule could be challenging. 
  3. Crowded: Peak hours such as after work can lead to crowded gyms. This often leads to having to wait for equipment which prolongs your workout. 

What is right for you?

When choosing what environment is best for you to work in between at home workouts or gym workouts is based on your preferences, goals and circumstances. While you are making this decisions check out this questions for guidance: 

  1. What are your Fitness Goals? Is your goal to get strong and lift heavy weight? If so, you might want to consider a gym with professionals and machines. If your goal is to lose weight or just get in shape, you can do that at home. 
  2. Budget? Consider the cost of how much a gym membership is and what equipment you need for home then find out what is more sustainable for you. 
  3. Privacy, Social Interaction? Do you believe you will thrive in a setting with people to stay motivated or are you a self motivator and can motivate yourself? 
  4. Time? If your time is tight, home workouts will work better for you. If your time is flexible you may consider making the commute to a gym facility. 

The overall picture of seeing results is consistency. No matter what route you pick between the home gym or the gym membership you need to stick with this choice long term. You may even choose to combine both if it’s in your budget. Ultimately, the choice is yours!


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