Master Halloween Party Planning

Plan the Spooky

Planning a party can be stressful and time consuming but if you use your creativity and have fun with it, it will take away the stress. Whether you are a host for a halloween party or a newbie and wanting to host we got you covered! From eerie decorations to delicious halloween treats, let’s dive into the creativity of a Halloween party!

Set the Theme

The key to a great halloween party is setting a theme. Here are some themes to guide you in the right direction for your halloween bash. 



The classic haunted house

Haunted Carnival

80s Horror Movies

Alice Wonderland Mad Tea Party

Classic Monsters 

Enhanced Forest 

Witches Coven

Zombie Apocalypse 



DIY decorations or decorations: Decoration is what brings the theme of the party to life. With either adding some DIY projects or buying decorations, choose what works best for you!


Lighting can make or break the atmosphere when hosting a halloween party. Look for flicking candles, purple and orange string lights, or just black lights. 


Creating invitations doesn’t have to be a hassle there are many tools and templates we can use out there to make it quick and easy for us. One of the online tools you can use is Canva. 


Make costumes mandatory and host a competition for who has the best costume and allow people to vote. This will enhance people’s creativity and eagerness to win the prize! You may also split the competition into categories such as best couples, the scariest costume, most creative, and the overall best costume. 


Costume closet: This isn’t necessarily but it’s a great idea for any procrastinators that need a last minute costume. Have a bin filled with any leftover accessories for those guests that may be unprepared

Trendy Costumes

Delicious Treat Ideas

Having themed drinks and treats is all part of the planning process. Serve dishes and drinks that match your theme. 

  1. Delicious cookie try or a decorate your own halloween cookie station 
  2. Eyeball cake pops
  3. Caramel popcorn 
  4. Candy station 
  5. Witches punch 
  6. Spider web cupcakes
  7. Monster rice krispie treats 
  8. Mummy hot dogs
halloween treats

Party Games and Activities ideas:

  1. Pumpkin Carving
  2. Costume Contest
  3. Scavenger Hunt
  4. Mummy Wrap
  5. Witch’s Brews Tasting: Having everyone bring a themed drink
  6. Halloween Trivia 

We have learned the basics of halloween planning now it’s time to channel your inner ghoul and start planning! Paying attention to detail and creating a theme for the party are the two main tips for a successful halloween party. So let the halloween festivities begin! It will be a night your guest will remember.

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