Hacks For A Clutter-Free Fridge

Why a Clutter-Free Fridge?

      In our chaotic lives our fridges often become overcrowded with a mess of groceries, leftovers, and mystery items lurking in the back. A clutter fridge results in food waste and the stress of scrambling through to find what you need. We are going to share tips and tricks on how to get rid of the clutter and have a consistent organized fridge! 


Invest In Clear Containers

      Clear containers instantly upgrade the storage in your fridge and freezer. Clear containers allow you to see what is in each container without rummaging through each refrigerator. 

Tip: Consider stackable containers. This will allow you to utilize the space more efficiently. 

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      Choose certain spots for products such as condiment, fruits, vegetables, dairy and leftovers. This helps you locate items easier and make your fridge have a wonderful layout. 



      Labels are your secret weapon to battling fridge clutter. With the help of labels it allows you to date all the containers. This tells you when it’s time to throw it away! Most of the time your fridge is cluttered with stuff that is experienced or not good to eat anymore. You can easily  sharpie or get a label maker. 


Create Snack Zone

      Choose a spot in your fridge for all snacks. These snacks can include pre cut vegetables, fruits and other simple snacks. With pre-cut fruits and vegetables it will make it easy to grab and go. This does not only promote healthy habitats, it reduces time spent searching for a quick snack. 

Rotate and Refresh

      Everytime you go grocery shopping it’s time to throw the old stuff away and stock it up with the new stuff. There is no need to keep rotten strawberries in your fridge if you just bought a new pack of strawberries. Take a small amount of time each week to clean, restock and rotate your fridge. 


Use Door Space Wisely

      Make the most of your refrigerator door by story condiments, sauces and smaller items. Door space is a small part of organizing your fridge but makes a huge difference when it’s organized right. You may also use clear containers in your door to make use of the space better.


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      A clutter free fridge and freezer will make your life less stressful and the rumbling through your refrigerator days are over. Implementing these tips and tricks will save you time and reduce food waste. Once you get started it will then turn into a habit. Your future self will thank you for this!


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