From Shelter to Forever Home: Adopt A Dog


In a world filled with all different kinds of lifestyles there is one thing that can show us consistent unconditional love, companionship and joy: a four legged friend. There are many many ways to bring a dog into your life but adoption has the most rewarding feeling.  Adoption does not only give this dog a second chance at life it also brings happiness into your home. Shelters are overwhelmed with the amount of dogs that come to them every single day and you can change that by just opening up one more cage so another dog doesn’t get euthanized and to give one dog a forever home. 

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The Joy of Adoptions

    1. Unconditional Love and Affection: Dogs will show you love  and affection every single day. Once the dog builds trust the bond is a feeling that you can never replace. 
    2. The Dogs Happiness: The dog looks at you with gratitude every single day because you got him away from that cage. The dog knows they are given a second chance to be happy. 
    3. Adventures: Exploring the outdoors and nature or just relaxing on the couch watching a movie, a dog is always down for any adventures. 
    4. Sense of Purpose: You changed this dog’s life around which gives you a sense of purpose. This dog was homeless and lost until you rescued them. Dogs don’t have the life expectancy of humans therefore if you can just make the last couple years of the dogs life filled with happiness it will fulfill your heart.
    5. A Forever Friend: A friend that will follow you around and give you a unique kind of love and affection. A friend that is always down for an adventure and some snacks!

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My Story

My boyfriend passes by the same park on his way home from work every day. However, on one particular day, he noticed an entirely white pitbull with a single brown eye patch. Intrigued, he decided to open the car door, and the pitbull eagerly hopped inside. The dog appeared to be infested with fleas and slightly underweight.


We subsequently reached out to the vet to scan the pitbull for a microchip, which he indeed had. Regrettably, the owner didn’t respond to our attempts to contact them, and the vet informed us that if they remained unresponsive for two weeks, we could adopt the dog.


After two weeks had passed, we welcomed the pitbull into our family, and I can’t emphasize enough how this decision transformed my life. Although we never learned about his past, gaining his trust required some time. He still displays caution around certain objects, such as toy guns, but his obedience and overall behavior make him the best dog I’ve ever had. Witnessing his happiness when I return home and his warmth as my loyal snuggle companion is truly heartwarming. And let me tell you he is amazing with children. 


I don’t know his past life and what he went through at his first home but all I can do is give him the best life I can possibly give him. You can say he is spoiled but he deserves it all!

my dog, my story

Support Shelters

Fortunately, I got to save Zeus before he was placed in the shelter but that isn’t always the case. Shelters are at the highest capacity with dogs and are needing more adoptions. Fill your life with joy, purpose and love. Check out some adorable adoptable dogs. 

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