Enhancing Support for Non-Profit STEM Coding Lab with CoCarting: Connecting Donors and Fostering Engagement

Lily Meng, Founder of CoCarting, and Kristine Spitznagel, Director of Community Outreach at STEM Coding Lab, smiling and engaged in conversation during an event. Their collaboration and dedication are instrumental in driving positive change and expanding access to STEM education for underserved communities.

Enhancing Support for Non-Profit STEM Coding Lab with CoCarting: Connecting Donors and Fostering Engagement

In today’s digital age, non-profit organizations play a crucial role in addressing societal challenges and supporting underserved communities. STEM Coding Lab, a Pittsburgh-based non-profit organization, is dedicated to providing accessible STEM education and coding programs to K-8 students. To further support their noble cause, STEM Coding Lab has embraced CoCarting, an innovative platform that enhances user engagement and fosters a sense of involvement among donors. In this blog post, we will explore how CoCarting revolutionizes the traditional donation process, making it easier for donors to contribute and connect with the non-profit, thereby empowering the next generation with digital literacy skills.

The Power of CoCarting:


 CoCarting serves as a bridge between non-profits and donors, creating an interactive and personalized giving experience. Unlike conventional wishlists, CoCarting offers a user-friendly interface that facilitates communication, voting on products, and adding recommended items to the CoCart. This enhanced functionality provides an immersive experience for donors, making them feel actively involved in the non-profit’s mission of promoting STEM education.

Engaging Donors:

CoCarting’s ability to foster engagement is instrumental in supporting STEM Coding Lab’s objectives. Donors can chat and interact with the organization, establishing a direct line of communication for questions, feedback, and updates to be easily shared. This real-time interaction enhances transparency, builds trust, and strengthens the donor-nonprofit relationship, ensuring the continuity of coding education for underserved students.

Voting and Collaboration: 

CoCarting goes beyond wishlists by incorporating a voting system. Donors can vote on specific products, indicating their preferences and priorities for supporting STEM Coding Lab. This collaborative approach empowers the community to have a say in the resources provided by the non-profit, ensuring that the most relevant and needed items are prioritized. By involving donors in the decision-making process, CoCarting promotes ownership and shared responsibility for the success of STEM education initiatives.

Seamless Sharing on Social Media and Websites:

CoCarting seamlessly integrates with social media platforms and websites, amplifying the impact of contributions. Sharing the CoCart on social media allows donors to spread the word about STEM Coding Lab’s mission, generating more awareness and potentially attracting new supporters who are passionate about promoting digital literacy and computer science education. The simplicity of sharing makes it easy for individuals and organizations to participate and contribute to the growth of STEM education opportunities.

Joining CoCarting as a donor offers several benefits.

Firstly, it allows individuals and organizations to directly impact the education of underserved students by contributing to STEM Coding Lab’s CoCart. Through the user-friendly platform, donors can engage with the non-profit, chat with representatives, and vote on products that will benefit the students the most.

By joining CoCarting, donors become active participants in STEM Coding Lab’s journey, feeling connected and engaged with the organization’s goals and accomplishments. CoCarting’s features, such as real-time communication and collaborative decision-making, foster a sense of ownership and shared responsibility for the success of the non-profit’s initiatives.

CoCarting revolutionizes the traditional donation process, creating a dynamic and interactive experience. It empowers donors to make a tangible impact on the lives of underserved students, promoting digital literacy and equipping them with crucial skills for the future. By joining CoCarting, donors become essential partners in STEM Coding Lab’s mission, driving positive change and creating a brighter future for the next generation.

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